leah x taylor

leah bradley x taylor bringhurst
photos by arika jean

sorbet sunsets, endless waves, roads and streets made for skating, all along, lined with palm trees, swaying under a warm sun, a californian dream 

inspired by this taste of california, our leah x taylor collaboration, offers 3 bobby skateboards each sharing small pieces of the endless summer

we are so happy to be working with leah and her kids zippy & velzy (who the two cruisers have been named after) and their favourite artist, taylor bringhurst. both leah and taylor have been so creative, easy going and fun in bringing this range together, it feels like we’re in the perfect daydream..

“zippy and velzy spend most of their days on a board either on their front yard half pipe or in the water surfing. this special collection of boards makes us think of all our happiest days spent in the sun here in california. couldn’t think of a better duo to collab with than bobby small and local artist and surfer taylor bringhurst”

we hope you will enjoy this special edition of bobby's


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