compare boards

below you can compare our cruiser and popsical skateboards, to help choose which board style you might be after

all of our boards have been designed with children in mind, yet their high quality components allow them to be ridden by all ages & skill levels (big brother, crazy aunty, dad and grandma included)

please care for your bobby's by keeping them out of sand, dirt, water and best to store them indoors or out of the weather for longevity.

and of course get in touch if you would like any further information

softer, larger wheels for a smoother ride, riser pads, a slight single kicktail, shorter in length. for the 60's california style cruising down streets & pavement, where it all began.

smaller, harder wheels with a double kick nose and tail for manoeuvrability and performing (or learning) radical tricks. for the skatepark and DIY ramps in the driveway, the hallmark of skateboarding.